Filing For Bankruptcy In Pembroke Pines, Florida

Individuals and businesses of all kinds can face serious debt issues at any time. When struggling with insurmountable debt, it is critical to talk with a lawyer before making any major financial decisions. Working with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can be the difference between losing everything and getting through the bankruptcy process with some hope for the future.

Bankruptcy lawyer Gina Z. Harris can help clients through the process of filing for bankruptcy in Pembroke Pines and the surrounding area of Florida. In cases involving foreclosure defense, debt collection defense and a range of bankruptcy solutions, we provide personalized service and attention to the details of each client's case. We take each case individually to find the most appropriate solutions, and we walk each client through every step of the legal process.

The Bankruptcy Process

The first step when seeking bankruptcy is to talk with an attorney. Bankruptcy lawyer, Gina Z. Harris, will look over your financial records with you, including your income, your assets and debts and your goals to determine the best course of action for you.

We can help you determine what form of bankruptcy would be best for you and help you through:

  • Chapter 7: Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a debt liquidation option for people without significant disposable income or assets. The process is generally simple and takes about three to four months in Florida.
  • Chapter 13: Chapter 13 is a debt reorganization solution for debtors who either do not qualify for a Chapter 7 or are at risk of having their assets repossessed or foreclosed, including the debtor's homestead and cars. In Chapter 13, the debtor is expected to propose a feasible plan that proposes to pay his or her creditors over three to five years, as applicable.
  • Business bankruptcy: Bankruptcy attorney Gina Harris can help businesses liquidate under Chapter 7 or reorganize their debt under Chapter 11 if they wish to continue operations. Through reorganization, the debtor may continue operations, restructure the debt and pay creditors over a period of time when proposing a feasible and confirmable plan of reorganization.

It is important to talk with a bankruptcy lawyer before liquidating your exempt assets, transferring assets in any way or incurring additional debt. There are generous exemptions in Florida and other options to consider.

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